Nurture Nature

This is an interior and lifestyle brand that puts Ethics, Hand Crafting and Artfulness at the heart of the products created. Pieces are One off and timeless, created with a strong original colour and design the whole family will cherish.




Key Values

To be Ethical


Using Organic cotton fabric and reclaimed materials to ensure minimum environmental  impact and each individual item is a one off so it can be cherished for years to come


Hand crafted


Each quilt, cushion and accessory is hand dyed then slow stitched. This makes each piece not only unique, but finished to an exceptionally high standard. 




Pieces are inspired by the environment which motivates me to create beautiful colour, texture and technique. I aim to make each piece versatile, for example my quilts can be on a bed or hung on a wall. 

Timeless Design

Designs are made to last. I take care to design with thoughtful colour and contemporary design that incorporates all of our ethics above... so that one-off pieces may be treasured for years come and later passed on as heirlooms.



Wall Hangings
Throw Cushions