Making it your Own! 



Have your own style design and/or colour palette that you want brought to life?


The prices below serves as a rough outline, you may have a particular size in mind and I can work with that, just fill out the form at the bottom and mention specifics of size you want and what you want in the written space and I will work on it with you. 

You can use my previous work and techniques as style inspiration for your home, linked here. 


**If you have a very different product in mind just use form as a guide and email me nonetheless and I will give you a specific quote and see if it’s doable. **




Product Prices




~Wall hanging~


~Baby’s first quilt for cot~ 


A combination of techniques or just one. 


Example- 85 x 85 cm or slightly bigger





~Larger Wall hanging~

~Adult Lap Quilt~

~Toddlers/ Childs first Quilt~

~Play mat and crib quilt~


A combination of techniques or just one.


Roughly 100 x 80 cm




~Larger Wall hanging~

~Adult Lap Quilt~

~Childs first Quilt~


A combination of techniques or just one.


Roughly 120 x 140 cm





~Single Bed End~


~Hung Up as a Artful Piece~


120 x 140 cm




~Sightly larger Fits on the Back of Couch~ 

~Fits a single well~

 ~End of Double~


140 x160cm




~Throw and Double Bed~


160 x180xm




~King size bed~


160 x 200cm





Pillow Talk!


30 x 30 cm 




40 x 40cm 




50 x 50 cm




60 x 60 cm







Can be made using a large bamboo embroidery hoop or on a crossed piece of straight wood. 


1-3 Decorations, like birds, hung


3-4 Decorations hung from a 27cm hoop


6-8 birds/ decorations hung from a 43cm wide hoop


Bespoke/ Commission Form

Thanks for submitting!