Bespoke Ideas

My products are about three main things, mentioned below, but...

the world is still your oyster!!!


Dyeing/ Hand Painting processes

​Dip dye

Hand-painting straight onto fabric with inks and binders


Printing Processes



block/lino printing


Slow stitching

I can look at some embroidery stitches for you like raised embroidery (tufting), seed or chain on the quilts itself. 

Quilting edging finishes: blanket stitch or binding 

Quilting Stitches are as follows: Kantha, Cross-stitch, seed or running stitch.

You can find out more about processes in detail here.


Previous Work


Baby Ailie Sunrise Quilt

Emily (who commissioned the quilt for her friend) says

"We coordinated with Anne to custom make a beautiful quilt for a friend. She was amazing and listened to our thoughts and ideas to create the most beautiful piece. She was great at communication and the quilt was delivered promptly. Our friend love it. Amazing quality! Thank you, would highly recommend!!!”



I made this commission in the space of a week. I knew this individual loved earthy colours so I used my exhaust dye baths to create a beautiful dip dye effect from mustard to peach. I made a stamp to create a simple and effective sunrise. Quilting stitches created a beautiful Sun-ray effect. The individual is allergic to wool so I used a Cotton Batting which gave off a more puffy, fluffy and all round comfy effect. You can see baby Ailie lying on the quilt above.

Little Girls Rainbow Mobile

Kate who commissioned the Mobile for her Niece says...

"Anne has made my niece the most wonderful and creative mobile.  It was a pleasure to work with Anne on this commission because of her enthusiasm and creativity.  Anne came up with some brilliant ideas and the finished result was more than I could have wished for.  Thanks Anne for a beautiful piece of art.  My niece will treasure it."  


I made this commission over the space of two weeks. The moving rainbow proved hard, but I managed to figure out that creating three separate arches meant a dynamic mobile and made it a successful centre piece. The rest of the mobile had to be colourful so I thought of objects you see in the sky and created a Sun/Moon, Star, Bird and Rain Cloud. I'm particularly proud of the bird and decided to make a whole mobile for Seagulls and Geese.

'Pottery' Large Floor and Throw Cushion

I made this cushion over the space of a few days. It uses my mono printing technique and hand painting combined. I first paint onto and draw into a rolled out binder on my rubber slate and then print this directly onto the fabric. I then can accentuate the ink by using a wet brush to bleed areas. The effect is very similar to that of pottery. It's a good size for a floor cushion or a throw on a bed or couch.