The Maritime Collection

Our Ethical and Organic baby’s and children’s Toy and Quilt collection is inspired by the sea around Scotland and uses Hand crafting techniques. Trips to Scotlands coasts influenced our colour palette while memories of the lovely rusty reds and turquoises of the Mediterranean create a beautiful brightness that children will love. The shapes on the quilts are an ode to artists: ‘Matisse’ and ‘Miro’ and combined with hand crafted techniques mean products are both practical, versatile and artful. Quilts can be floor mats, bed comforters or can be hung and treasured as art pieces for a lifetime. Inspired by sea creatures found around Scotland, our toys have combined mark making and slow stitching techniques to make them come alive. Please enjoy and check out all items newly stocked in our shop. 

Just want to give a great big thanks to Mairi Wilson Photography. 

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