A4 Lino Print 'Trail finder'
  • A4 Lino Print 'Trail finder'

    The Print is made using a whole A4 Lino block. I carefully carve the trail and this lino print means I can make more and in varying colours if desired. I then hand paint the circle or semi circle shape. Using a peach colour for the trail and then an aperol spritz/neon orange red for the goal! 

    Printed on beautiful ethical KHADI paper it’s textural and made from old t-shirts. I love the texture this paper gives Lino printing.


    Because this is hand printed there is always going to be some colour difference from the photo and the product. 


    This piece would work suspended in a frame larger than A4 or hung from a wooden magnet frame. Preferably slightly wider than the top of the print. 


    Choices of design are...

    -sunrise/ semi-circle 

    -Full Sun/ circle 


    Gift Wrapping

    Because this is a print I will put a piece of recycled card board behind it and into a greaseproof cover to protect it. It is then stuck down with wash tape and tied with some twine. It is then mailed to you. 


    Size roughly

    A4 21x 29.7

    Each one is a bit different because of the rough textural edge of paper.