Peach Seed Stitch Small Throw Cushion
  • Peach Seed Stitch Small Throw Cushion

    A beautiful dip dye piece embellished with peach seed stitches showing off a beautiful sunrise effect. This small throw cushion is beautiful and compliments the Mountain Rise in green small throw cushion. 


    I make everything in my home studio, in Leith Edinburgh. In every process I look at minimising waste and reusing materials, from binders to fabric. I take great pride in sourcing ethical fabrics from reclaimed, dead-stock or organic/Fairtrade sources and only use natural fabrics.



    Front: Linen Reclaimed from old projects

    Dyed using reused dyes and eco dyes. 

    Embroidered with Peach Pink: silk, Alpaca and Linen blend Hand dyed by ‘Ginger Twist Studio’, Edinburgh

    Back: Linen in Peach with a slight hand painted journey mark. 

    Zip: Concealed 

    Tag: sticks out at the side on the right

    Pillow: Is a duck feather pad. 42cm x42cm



    Do not wash in a machine or tumble dry at high heats. Should be washed at below 30 degrees and be sustainable by letting it air dry. 


    Size Roughly

    42cm x42cm 

    • Gift Wrapping

      Every piece is gift wrapped with eco tissue paper and washi tape. Then it is put in eco packaging to be shipped comfortably and safely to you.  If you require very specific gift wrapping just message me.