Sunrise Baby/Adult Quilt
  • Sunrise Baby/Adult Quilt

    Inspired by watching the morning’s sunrise in winter,  I created a piece that had all the colours of autumn and celebrated the joy of the morning. It sits beautifully inside a Moses basket or on the end of the bed or even hung as a wall hanging within the nursery or home. It’s simplicity and use of hand crafts; dip dye and quilting stitches makes it a desirable piece. 


    Materials Front and Back:

    Organic Cotton Poplin. This is dipdyed using soft water based inks, which I go on to use again and exhaust. Then it's Block Printed with recycled transparent binder in RUST left over from my Textiles Degree. Then it's Hand stitched. 

    Batting of your choice: Organic cotton which is fluffy or wool reclaimed blanket which is flatter. (the images show  the cotton batting)

    Edging: Organic Cotton Double Gauze hand stitched down using organic cotton thread. 

    Yarn for Quilting: Organic Cotton yarn or wool/silk yarn



    Colour: Is a gradient from an earthy peach/pink to a rusty/mustard and the print is rustyred. The Back of the quilt is a quiet peach showing off the rust stitches. 


    Dimensions for New Born to small Child:  72 x72 cm

    Or Adult Double Bed Scale: 216 x 216 cm

    **If you require a specific size, please message me!!!**


    • Care

      Please wash this quilt on a very short and low temperature wash as the wool or cotton batting can be damaged. Drying flat without tumble drying is essential to keep its shape and fluffiness.

    • Turn Around

      Due to me balancing markets up to Christmas this quilt could take a few weeks. But could be made in the run up to christmas. Beyond the 15th of Dec it would be a struggle to fit in. 

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